A recent episode of the hit TV show The Mandalorian has led to an influx of enquiries to our customer service team.

Have your R&D department finally developed ROBOT PUNTERS?

The question of automation is a hot topic, so we decided to have our top punting scientists examine the footage to decide whether Cambridge Punters were all about to lose our jobs to an R Unit.

The good news is, an exhaustive examination has concluded that we are safe, for now. The Robot in question appears to lack the confident finesse that is the mark of all professional punters, having instead the wide-legged, bambi-like hobble of the self-hire punt (see our comparative pictures below). We can therefore conclude that this unnamed R Unit is in fact not a true punter, but a chancer. We can all relax, the panic is over.

Note: the strong lean and expert balance

Note: The man in green has forgotten how to stand and wobbles like a newborn lamb