The Story so Far...

Cambridge punters was established in 2007, when our mysterious founder Tom Lohman won a punting license in a game of high-stakes poker held in the underground vaults of Kings College. Starting out as a small operation with just one man and one boat, the company quickly established a reputation as the place to go for the discerning local, and the place to work for veteran and maverick punters. Today we have grown, by word of mouth, into a veritable fleet, offering a traditional, unscripted approach to punting. Our chauffeurs train under the most experienced punters on the river, and learn the stories and legends of Cambridge the old fashioned way: By listening to them.

The Crew

Team Members

Tom (Director)

Little is known about Tom Lohman. Some say that he started out as a rogue and a pirate, making his fortune by smuggling rare and exotic silks into the city by punt. Whatever the truth, he still finds time to push the occasional tour, and if you’re lucky, you might just spot him on the river.

Jules (Director)

Although Julian “Jules” Fowler has been a presence on the river for many years it took us until 2017 to convince our co-director to join Cambridge Punters.

Originally brought on as a fashion advisor his role has expanded to include boat maintenance, morale building, and organising our now infamous end of season party.

If your boat doesn’t sink mid-tour, you have Jules to thank! (If your boat does sink mid-tour please contact customer service who will call you back within 6 to 8 working days).

Jeremy (Manager)

A retired clarinettist, failed lumberjack and one time local TV personality. Jeremy is, by process of elimination, the manager of a punting company.

Bruna (Assistant Manager)

It's the manager's day off, the owner has "gone for a few rounds of golf" and suddenly 600 unexpected bookings arrive...
Bruna was hired for her seemingly supernatural ability to handle this with a smile.

Sam (Head Chauffeur / Scribe)

Our head chauffeur, Sam, claims to have been punting since the 1800’s and we have no reason to disbelieve him.
When he isn’t delivering tours, he manages our social media presence, writes copy for the company website, and oversees the training of our apprentice punters.


We originally purchased Josh on the dark web for use on our Hen Tours. However, he has proven himself to be more than just bait for the drunken ladies. Today he is one of our senior chauffeurs, helping to provide our trademark tours.


Caolán has been with the company since 2013. In all that time not one customer has spelt his name correctly on Trip Advisor.

A graduate of both Law and Philosophy, Caolán is usually well-versed in all twelve sides of any argument.