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So, Black Friday is upon you and you’ve already punched the clerk in PC World, forced your way through the window of John Lewis, and floored a 96 year old pensioner to get first dibs on last season’s wide-screen TV…

You feel no guilt, this is Black Friday. If nana didn’t want to be trampled on the floor of the electronics section then she shouldn’t have run with the big dogs…
But you *do* feel the need for some rest and relaxation after a hard day’s pillaging. Perhaps you feel the need for some PUNTING?

Can you get a Black Friday discount on the river cam too?

Yes, yes you can. And here is the best news of all: You don’t even need to bum-rush our sales team to get it – we have enough discounted tours for EVERYONE – and all you need to do to redeem them is enter the voucher code “BlackFriday” when booking your tour online.

Because here at Cambridge Punters we put the “less” in “unbridled, senseless materialism”


Use the code “BlackFriday” when booking your tour, or click here to enjoy a whopping 25%  discount on us. The voucher must be redeemed today, but can be used to book tours any time that suits you.