For today’s blog post we would like to propose a thought experiment…

Let’s say you carried a child in your womb for nine months. Underwent the labours of birth. Nursed them for years as a child. Supported them. Helped them become an adult.

An adult who then takes you to Las Iguanas for Mothers’ Day because then they won’t have to pay for your single glass of Cava. Not Champagne, mind. Cava.

It’s not a great look is it?

But fear not! Because here at Cambridge Punters we are here to stop you from making tragic errors like the above on Mothers’ Day. Not only will we offer you a fifteen percent discount on any punt tour of Cambridge over Mothers’ Day weekend… but we’ll even write you out a fake receipt so it looks as though you paid full price.

Imagine her glee when she gets to lord it over the other women at the WI. They all got dragged to a chain restaurant for a free glass of off-brand fizz. But her child had her chauffeured along a river to see all the breathtaking sights that the prestigious Cambridge University  has to offer.

Will there be daffodils, you ask?

Yes, Gavin, there’ll be more daffodils than you can shake a hallmark card at. You’ve knocked it out of the park again.

You’re welcome.

Just use the code “TAKEMUMPUNTING” when booking any punt tour between the 20th and the 23rd to claim your discount on private or shared  punt tours of Cambridge.