We have exciting news for you today, Punt fans!

Below is a picture of Jeremiah Wentworth, the old Web and Bones Man. Once he month he would come to town, knocking on doors and offering to build you a “quali’y website” for no more than a crisp shilling.

He designed our old site.
And if you ever used that site we would like to take this opportunity to apologise.
Powered entirely by steam and as likely to give you a Russian computer virus as a punt tour; we are ready to admit that it was not fit for purpose.

Which is why we are proud to launch our brand new web presence, designed by Chameleon Studios

Whether you’re looking for up to date news of the river, promotions, or you’ve just necked 12 vodka red bulls and decided that 4am is a good time to organise a punt tour – this site has something for you. We invite you to check it out. Save it to your bookmarks. Tell your nan about it, Nan will want to know.