Booking a punt tour for valentine’s day is a good way to show that you thought about your present for more than 11 seconds


With 12 years experience in delivering punt tours through Cambridge, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen our fair share of good and bad dates taking place on punts.

And since this is the season of romance – we thought we’d pass on some of that experience to you, the discerning customer, to help you plan the perfect day out.


1. Don’t Self Hire

Nothing ruins an otherwise perfectly good date like telling someone you know how to punt, getting stranded halfway up the river Cam, and then having to eat your partner to survive.

If we could give you one piece of advice it would be this: know your limits. Hiring a professional to do something you can’t is a sign of self-knowledge and humility. These are desirable qualities. We once took a punt tour where a young gentleman, hoping to impress his significant other demanded a “turn” at the punting. The look of disillusionment and embarrassment on her face when her partner fell immediately into the river is not one we’ll soon forget. It haunts our dreams. We offer a whole range of guided punt experiences, and since valentine’s day falls in the quiet season, we let you enjoy those off-peak prices on all our private tours.


2. Don’t get a shared tour

Whilst booking two seats on a shared tour certainly displays the good economic sense you may be looking for in a husband or wife, it doesn’t scream romance. Sometimes it’s better to waste a little cash and spoil people. Trying to steal a kiss whilst a tour guide regails ten other customers with a hilarious anecdote about a college chapel is not the way to do it.


3. Don’t throw your partner over the side of the boat

This really happened. Guys, it’s six degrees celsius in the river. It’s not flirtatious, it’s murderous.


4. Do bring some nice wine

We can’t serve you alcohol on the boats, but you can bring your own! A nice bottle of bubbly isn’t just romantic, it helps with braving the early spring temperatures.


5. If you propose – don’t drop the ring in the river.

Again; this really happened once.


6. If you plan to propose – do let us know ahead of time.

If you want to propose on a punt, this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ll be able to advise on the best spots, the best times of day, the best place to hide your photographer. We can even deliver that well-needed pep-talk before your partner arrives.


7. Do book early

Whilst our sales team are always happy to sell a tour on the street, nothing says “ᛁ forgot the date and then panicked” like not booking ahead of time. You can view prices and availability here