In line with the latest government advice, and our own consciences, we have taken the decision to close for the time being.

our social media and email channels remain open if you need to contact us for any reason.

Current government advice is to avoid all non-essential travel. Whether coming to Cambridge to see a perpendicular gothic masterpiece of the Middle Ages is “essential” is of course something  each person must decide for themselves – but we believe that it would be best to postpone any sight-seeing trip to Cambridge at this time.

the colleges are now closed to visitors. And the corpus clock isn’t really that good anyway.

we hope to see you all on the other side!



please be advised that the advice below is now out of date. See above for latest information 

Here at Cambridge punters we aren’t about to miss out on a good old public panic just because Cambridge has one the lowest infection rates in England. And so we have caved in to pressure from Google, Facebook (and the lesser power – the government), and are providing up-to-date corona virus information for our business.

Here, we’ll be fielding FAQs – and providing important information for any planned trip to Cambridge and visit to our boats. We cannot stress enough that this is not medical advice. For up to date medical advice and information please visit the relevant NHS and government pages.

And so without further ado… our FAQ

Are you open?

Yes. Our government is hoping the whole thing will just blow over, as a result there are currently no restrictions on domestic travel within the U.K. or limits on any kind of public gathering. Currently we have experienced no infections amongst staff and we are able to operate as normal.


Is Cambridge safe?

Goodness no. The cyclists are, frankly, maniacal and let’s not even get into the student drinking societies. But other than that… The East of England currently has the one of the fewest number of confirmed Covid 19 cases in England and as of the time of writing there is no major outbreak in the city itself.


Is Punting safe?

A shared punt tour may require you to travel alongside up to 11 other passengers for 45 minutes or more.

If you have a compromised immune system or illness that places you at risk you may wish to avoid this activity as a precaution. Outside of this, Punting is slightly safer than most other public modes of transport.


Where can I wash my hands before and after a trip?

The Quayside public toilets (just next to our booking desk) have hand-washing facilities and we are personally making sure that these remain stocked with soap. If you need further directions (or need someone to sing happy birthday to you whilst you wash your hands) please ask a staff member.


Are there any precautions I should take when travelling by punt?

Other than those already advised by the government and NHS, no. The only thing we would add to their excellent advice is that as well as not touching your own face, you may wish to refrain from touching the faces of the other passengers, and your chauffeur. We also advice against eating anything you find in the river.


I know I’m allowed to bring drinks on the boat – but can I bring Corona beer?

Yes, this is allowed, nay, encouraged.


What about food?

Whilst food is allowed on the boat we do advise customers that there are no on-board hand washing facilities, and recommend bringing hand sanitiser to use before eating.


Are the colleges open to visitors at this time?

Each of the 31 colleges sets its own entry policy. We recommend contacting individual colleges ahead of time to check whether they are open on the day of your visit. Some of the larger colleges require advanced notice for group visits, and some have turned away larger tour groups. Cambridge Punters are unable to drop you off inside a college, or arrange a visit for you.


And that brings us to the end of our Covid 19 / corona virus FAQ for punting in Cambridge. This page will be kept updated as the situation progresses..